SpExoDisks Team

Current Team

Dr. Andrea Banzatti's profile picture

Dr. Andrea Banzatti

Project Lead

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Dr. Caleb Wheeler

Project Architect & Database Engineer

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Kyle Kunkel

Front-End Developer

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Isaac Jaramillo

Fullstack Developer & Computer Systems Analyst

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SJ Stroud

Front-End Developer

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Michelle Nguyen

Front-End Developer

Previous Team Members

Sujeeth Thelkar's profile picture

Sujeeth Thelkar

Front-End Developer

José Pérez Chávez's profile picture

José Pérez Chávez

Data Scientist

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Taylor Perry

Back-End Developer

SriAakash Mandavilli's profile picture

SriAakash Mandavilli

Fullstack Developer

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Ajmal Hussain

Front-End Developer

Benito Juarez's profile picture

Benito Juarez

Front-End Developer and UI/UX Designer

Special Thanks

We acknowledge technical help by Jeff Snider and Nick Wing at the Mobile/Web Systems Technology Resources office at Texas State University